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As indicated in the Regulations of the University Archive, one of its functions is to advise the University Administration in all matters concerning the organisation and technical treatment of the documentation produced and received by the different centres, departments and services.

If you have any queries in this regard, please contact the Archive.

In this line of work, the AUG has developed TUTORIALS on archival practices that may be useful for certain practical aspects of administrative activity:

When a centre or service is interested in sending documentation to the Archive, the first step to follow is to contact the Archive, where, depending on the volume of the documentation, it will be informed of the corresponding symbols and the date on which this can be done and the procedure for sending the documentation.

The documentation must be accompanied by the corresponding submission form, which can be downloaded from the button below, together with the instructions for its correct completion.

In the case of a referral of academic or personal files, it will be necessary to send to the archive an Excel Sheet, the model of which is provided, with the data indicated in the instructions.

Download the documentation:

When a centre or service intends to dispose of documentation, provided that it is DUPLICATES OR INFORMATION DOCUMENTATION, the Archive shall be informed and, subject to its agreement, the following form shall be filled in, so that the documentation can be collected and disposed of securely.. Descarga de la documentación. Download the documentation:

When a department/teacher wishes to dispose of examinations and assessment documents, the following applicable regulations must be taken into account and the Archive must be contacted for the provision of samples and the disposal of such documentation.

A programme is currently in place with the Faculty of Psychology, which centralises the collection of exam papers for disposal and the collection of samples for preservation, facilitating the correct disposal of exam papers, organised by the Vice-Dean for Academic Organisation.

Regulations for the evaluation and grading of students at the University of Granada

Article 16. Retention of evaluation materials and documents

  1. The teaching staff shall keep until the end of the following academic year the examinations, materials and documents on which the marks are based or, where appropriate, the corresponding documentation of the oral examinations, whether on paper or electronically, unless a complaint or appeal is pending, in which case they shall be kept until a final decision is reached.
  2. Work and practical reports with a single material support shall be kept by the lecturers responsible until the end of the following academic year. At the end of this period, within the following thirty days, the aforementioned materials may be withdrawn by those students who have previously requested it, unless a claim or appeal is pending.

Andalusian Commission for the Valuation of Documents (CAVD)

Assessment grid 170 "Examinations and evaluation documents"

The entire series may be deleted. Such deletion shall be carried out in the office archive at the end of the academic year following that in which the work, exams or assessment tests were taken. Files may not be deleted if they contain acts that have been appealed against, are the subject of a special administrative action or correspond to legal relations in force.

The documents to be eliminated will be sampled by retaining one sample examination paper and one examination and/or one paper or other assessment test per qualification every five years, selecting different subjects each time the sampling is carried out.

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