University Archive of Granada Funds

The AUG currently houses several collections. Along with the main one, generated by the University of Granada itself, there are also others that have been purchased, such as the Royal College of Santa Cruz de la Fe and Santa Catalina Mártir, or donated, such as the personal collections of Paul Fallot, José Palanco, Juan José Santa Cruz, the Burgos family and Elena Martín Vivaldi.
The UGR Photographic Collection has also been set up, made up of photographs that have been collected by the AUG, from different sources, and which are conserved, described and digitised in a database. Other collections that are being described and incorporated include audiovisual materials, such as videos or sound recordings, and graphic materials, such as film posters.
A series of tools for consultation of these collections, the so-called description tools, are available to the researcher, who can find out about them in the Guide to the use of the Archive's description tools (pdf).